2018 MLB Stars & Stripes Baseball Jersey Collection

MLB Stars & Stripes Baseball Jersey Collection

Major League Baseball teams once again will be wearing a special jersey for Independence Day 2018.  The MLB Stars & Stripes Baseball Jersey Collection will showcase an eye popping design that will catch everyone’s eye.

Most of the MLB teams jersey design will feature the stars & stripes pattern in the team names and numbers on the jerseys. The players will also be wearing a special Stars & Stripes cap with the pattern.

The Toronto Blue Jays jersey will not feature the pattern on the jersey, but will have a USA flag and Canadian Flag on each sleeve of the jersey.

These jerseys and caps will help support the military in different ways. From the sales of items the Stars & Stripes collection, MLB will donate its licensed royalties. The royalties will be given to MLB Charities to support different programs that help the military.  These charities include programs for service men and women, veterans and military families.

So if your looking to purchase a MLB jersey, then this will be perfect because you will be supporting charities of the military as well as supporting your favorite baseball team.

To view the full collection of everyone MLB baseball team Click Here or click the More Info button below.  Below are a few samples of the MLB Stars & Stripes baseball jersey collection.

1. Cubs Kris Bryant Stars & Stripes Jersey

Cubs Bryant Starts & Stripes Jersey

2. Astros Jose Altuve Stars & Stripes Jersey

Altuve Stars & Stripes Jersey

3. Dodgers Clayton Kershaw Stars & Stripes Jersey

Dodgers Kershaw Stars & Stripes Jersey

4.  Nationals Bryce Harper Stars & Stripes Jersey

Nationals Harper Stars & Stripes Jersey