5 Reasons Nike MLB Game Jersey Deal Will Be Great

MLB Nike Jerseys

With the news that Nike will be taking over the deal to make MLB game jerseys starting in 2020. I have come up with 5 reasons that the Nike MLB game jersey deal will be great for most MLB baseball fans.  As I said most, I am sure some will not like this change with Nike taking over.  As with the reasons below, I am sure Nike will be making changes to the jerseys. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive up to date information about baseball jersey news.

1. Unique & Special Nike MLB Game Jersey

With the money for development that Nike has, Nike should produce some exciting jerseys.  Nike has way more money to produce these jerseys than Majestic ever had and a lot more than what Under Armour would have had to spend. I expect to see more special game jersey for different game events during the season.

2. More Exposure For MLB Teams & Players

This deal with Nike could possible bring in more fans to the game. Because of reason number 1 above, with the unique and stylish jerseys that Nike could produce, this could bring in more fans for the fashion of the jerseys. Look to see more people wearing MLB jerseys for a fashion statement.

3. Collectible Industry For MLB Nike Jerseys

This might happen and then it might not.  Depends on how Nike & MLB wants to take this jersey deal. If they just want to make good durable uniforms, then the collectible aspect will not happen.  But if Nike & MLB takes this in a new direction to get more exposure and bring in more fans, then the jerseys could become a collectible industry.

By doing this though might not be desirable to a portion of the MLB fan base. Fans that enjoy the old school way of doing things and like to keep the jerseys to a more traditional look, will not like this reason.   I very much like the traditional ways of MLB baseball, but I will admit, most every change that has happened in MLB I have come around to like. I am even to the point of bring the DH to the National League.

With the direction and changes that Commissioner of MLB Rob Manfred has made, I believe one of his goals is to bring more young people into the fan base of MLB. One way to do this is in the fashion and also collectible fashion.  Just look at the Nike Collectible Shoe industry.  It is pretty big and is among mainly young teenagers and young adults.

4. Technology In Design Of Nike Jerseys

I will admit I don’t know much about this, but unique technology has made its way into clothing in many different areas. With Nike designing the jerseys, I would assume they would include their technology into the MLB jerseys.  With Nike’s NBA jerseys, they used their NikeConnect technology. So be on the look out for this technology to be used in the Nike MLB jerseys.

5. Many Different Design Jerseys

You may like this or you may hate this, but I would expect to see more event driven jerseys. This reason kind of goes along with the collectible aspect. The more different jerseys that are available, then the more jerseys that are sold and the possibility of the collectible aspect.  This is exciting news to some baseball fans, but to some fans they may see this as a step back.