Corey Kluber Nike Jerseys Coming 2020 Texas Rangers – On-Field Game Uniforms


Corey Kluber has been traded to the Texas Rangers. Check out the new Corey Kluber Nike Jersey for the 2020 season for the Texas Rangers home jersey above. Click Here to purchase and see prices for his new jersey.

Corey Kluber is coming off one of his best years in 2017. He won the American League Cy Young award in 2017 and he also won the award in 2014. He has been playing with the Indians since 2011, when he made his major league debut. He has become an fan favorite with the Cleveland fans. His jerseys is one of the top Indians selling jersey. Corey Kluber Nike Jersey, which comes out in 2020, should sell very well with the Indian fans. To view or purchase any of Corey Kluber jerseys then Click Here.

Other awards that Corey has won over the years besides his Cy Young awards, he has been the Amercian League Pitcher of the month 5 different times over the last 5 years. He has also been selected to the All-Star game in 2016 and 2017. Because of great pitches over the few years, he has become one of the favorite players amount Indians fans.

Kluber was born in 1986 in Birmingham, Alabama. He was selected in the 4th round of the 2007 draft by the San Diego Padres. He played college baseball at Stetson.

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