Unique MLB Uniforms Nike Camo Jerseys With Team Color Pattern

With Nike becoming the MLB on-field jersey maker for the upcoming 2020 season, I though I would take a look at some of the previous jerseys that Nike has produced for MLB teams. This MLB Nike Camo jersey kind of stands out. With a camo pattern using the team colors, it kind of gives it that eye popping can’t miss me kind of look. You will for sure stand out when you are wearing this to a game.

Nike came out with these jerseys in the 2019 season. They are made of 100% Polyester and has the Dri-Fit technology which wicks away moisture. So if you are looking for something different to wear to support your favorite team, then check out these Nike Camo jerseys.

Below is a sampling of some of these Nike Camo jerseys. Click Here or click the Shop Now button to see all of these Camo jerseys that are available from different MLB teams.

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